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KLLP’s Car Carrier Service guarantees world class service to its clients in all aspects. Our organization is 100% committed to excellence in satisfying customer requirements above and beyond what is normally expected from our closest competitors.

Thru the consistent practice of KYT, Kiken Yochi (hazard prediction) Training, which is a Japanese activity used to motivate members to recognize and predict hazards. KYT is mandated in our K-Line Car Carrier Service to ensure quality, safety, and satisfaction for the customer and our organization as well.

KYT develops sensitivity to unsafe conditions or hazardous situations. Thus, greatly improving the ability of our personnel to PREDICT and thus, AVOID potentially hazardous situations during car carrier operations.

The activity mandates our employees to consider the consequences of an accident. This directly promotes higher awareness for safety and quality results.  The practice of Kiken Yochi also increases the motivation of workers to practice teamwork.  Team meetings before and after car carrier operations are consistently conducted to sharpen and increase awareness and knowledge of what constitutes safety and quality of service issues.  Our employees consistently share information on hazards and improve their problem-solving capabilities by working to find solutions during these short meetings for EVERY STEP of KLLP’s Car Carrier Service.

K Line Logistics with Kiken Kochi (training) ensures a service that has unmatched RELIABILITY in terms of customer and product safety and quality every single time.